Wer wir sind

Ingenieure, Medientechniker und Neudenker!

Arbeit mit Sinn, Zukunft durch Technologie.

What we are looking for:


If you feel at home with geodata or GIS and similar applications. Let’s have a chat.

3D/Unreal Artists

You love 3D and the unreal engine? No matter if it’s modelling, shading or animation. If you’re not afraid of blueprints, we are not afraid of you. Let’s get in touch.


You have some expirience with this internet thing? We are currently working with the following technologies: PHP, JS, CSS, mySQL, PostgreSQL,  Python and are open for new ideas. Get in touch!

Unreal Developer

Your heart misses a beat when you see three lines of code replace a messy blueprint? Please give us a call!

Machine Learning + Picture Recognition

Deeplearning is great, but we like all other technics for picture recognition as well. You too?


We got great stuff! Do you want to help us, delivering it to the people?


Communication is your thing? But you’d like to make a difference, really working with sales and developement as a team? Here you go!

Become a part of our fantastic team

Jonas Mayer

Software Architect

Nicole Limbrunner

Visual Technical Architect

Manuel Gspahn


Katja Wörl


Jasmin Kosma

Project & Development

Matias Wolf


Franziska Koch-Heidenreich

Office & HR

Hannes Heidenreich

CEO & Productmanagement

Michelle Weingart

Assistenz der Geschäftsführung

Magdalena Bienefeld


Benedikt Wimmer

Media Engineer

Arthur Schröder

3D Artist

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