With GeoVisual you visualize your infrastructure plans georeferenced, automatically and interactively

Your Go-To-Ressource: The GeoVisual Geodata Collection

Discover the most comprehensive collection of freely available geodata for Germany/Austria/Switzerland.

Your benefits in a nutshell:

  • Optimized for civil engineers and infrastructure planning
  • accelerated and simplyfied processes
  • Impressive 3D visualization with just a few clicks
  • Direct CAD integration
  • IFC support
  • You are planning from scratch extending or are adapting your premises to your needs -
  • Applicable at every step thoughout your planning process
  • Visualize your subsoil infrastructure
  • One source of truth compares and incorporates hundreds of files
  • Instantly creates digital twin
  • Suitable even for smaller cities and projects
  • Simplyfies the decision making process internal/external
  • You are in full controll of your data
  • Automatically integrates geo- and gis data
  • Simplyfies your client communication
  • Extremely easy to learn and use
  • Partially automated 3D-ifying of 2D CAD files
  • Direct CAD integration
  • IFC support

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